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Stand Up Paddleboarding 101 July 2014

SUP 101 July 2014 Pack & Paddle

Teaching Paddleboarding to the Fontenot family this evening was such a refreshing experience.   To get the opportunity to teach a beautiful family learn how to stand up paddle board was so great. They say “a family that rows together grows together” I got to witness a family having a great time on the water while […] Continue Reading

Kayak Sailing 101 Classes – July 2014

Kayak Sailing 101 Class July 2014 Pack & Paddle

The overcast skies, cooler temperatures, and light breeze made Sunday’s Kayak Sailing 101 classes  a lot of fun. For the first session with Jordan and Casey we had an offshore flow with smooth water which made for peaceful relaxing sailing. Jordan, who had some prior sailing experience, had a BIG smile plastered on her face the whole […] Continue Reading

Kayaking 102 Class June 2014

Kayaking 102 July 2014 Pack & Paddle

We had a great sunny class last Saturday. The afternoon forecast suggested very high temperatures, hence, we switched the morning pool session to the hot afternoon. Neil, Elsa, Corbett, and Tom followed me to beautiful Lake Martin to start the morning session with strokes, navigation, safety, signals, what-to-bring, and towing. This was Tom’s second Kayaking 102 […] Continue Reading

Howl at the Moon Trip Report July 2014

Paddling Lake Martin is always one of my favorite paddle trips. I think it is the biggest bang for your buck. Meaning, because it’s such a short drive, visitors have ample time to see many different types of wildlife, like alligators, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Great Blue Heron, egrets, cormorants, and of course our state bird, […] Continue Reading

Biloxi Marsh Kayak Fishing Trip Report – July 2014

Biloxi Marsh July 2014 Pack & Paddle

Our trip to the Biloxi marsh is always a treat for me.  There are many reasons for this.  The camaraderie of loading the Lafitte Skiff in the early morning darkness, the boat ride across Lake Borgne, Capt. Gary Taylor’s banter on everything from Catch and Release to the news of the day – not to […] Continue Reading

Howl at the Moon Paddle June 2014

Howl at the Moon Paddle Pack & Paddle

We met at Lake Martin just as a wonderful summer day was drawing to a close.  The lake was calm and peaceful as we reversed its perimeter, multiple bird sightings were made along with the occasional alligator. Due to recent rain the water level had risen and created some new areas for us to explore. […] Continue Reading

Kayaking 102 Class Report May 2014

Kayaking 102

Stephanie, Paul, Linda, and Anne brought their own sit inside sea kayaks for their 102 class. We started the sunny Sunday morning in the pool with practicing a wet exit with a spray skirt.  After we did the “classic” T-rescue, where the rescuee climbs on the back deck behind the cockpit, while the rescuer stabilizes […] Continue Reading

Kayak Sailing 101 Trip Report

  Our first Hobie Kayak Sailing Class was a super success!  We were lucky to have near perfect conditions after a week of heavy rains and dire predictions.  The early morning session was with the brother/sister duo of Jessica and Roger.  They arrived looking excited to sail, but cautious as they had no sailing experience.  We […] Continue Reading

Waterfall Hike Level 1 Trip Report May 2014

Waterfall Hike Level 1 Trip Report May 2014 Pack & Paddle

Our crew of 7 met at Pack and Paddle and after introductions, we all clicked and knew that a great adventure was in the making. Our ride was uneventful until the last 12 Miles to Fort Adams Road, where we encountered numerous potholes due to recent rain.  The day was cool and slightly overcast with […] Continue Reading

Trip Report: Two O’Clock Bayou Paddle

We had a few folks meet us from Baton Rouge for this trip so we met them at the boat dock at 2 o’clock bayou, just off of hwy. 190. There are so many different types of paddlers, some like to see how fast they can paddle, some like to see everything they come across and some […] Continue Reading

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