Clothing that Works Like Gear

Your clothing is an essential part of being comfortable and safe in the outdoors.  Your kit of clothing underwearbecomes your armor to protect you from bugs, heat, cold, wet and sun.  Our buyers specialize in finding the best performing garments to completely outfit you for any activity anywhere in the world.  We invite you to come in and see our selection of clothing that works like gear.

Light and Packable

gipantsWhen traveling, having clothing that’s light weight and packable has obvious advantages.  You can fit into smaller carry-on size bags.   You are more mobile and comfortable.  Your load is easier to deal with day after day.  The same goes for paddling and hiking trips.  Our buyers select clothing based not only on their looks, but also for their ability to pack small.

patagonia_fishing_shirtSun Protection

We carry a wide range of clothing for sun protection.  These items include not only shirts and pants but also hats, buffs, and gloves.  All of these items adhere to the ethic of light weight and packable.  Since many of these items are designed for on-water use, they are quick drying as well.

permetherinBug Protection

We carry clothing that is treated for bug repellency.  This allows you to apply less (or no) bug repellant.  A big plus for paddlers, hikers, fishermen and travelers.  In addition we sell Permethrin spray treatment that you can apply to your own clothing.

Quick Drying

quickdryThe ability for clothing to dry quickly is obviously useful for hiking and paddling.  But it’s equally important for travelers.  Having quick drying clothing allows you to wash out items in the sink and hang them up overnight and have them dry enough to wear the next day.  Being able to wash like this lets you bring less clothing – and thereby again reduce your load.


In the past few years, there’s been an emergence of fabric technology that will cool your skin temperature 3-5 degrees in hot weather.  Many thought of this as a gimmick when it first came out.  Now it is standard equipment for paddlers in Louisiana.  These garments have great application for walkers, runners and gardeners here in South Louisiana.