Big Tuna Arrives!

Easily one of the most anticipated new kayak introductions of the year is the Jackson Big Tuna Tandem fishing kayak.  This boat is unlike any other model we have ever stocked.  It’s a Tandem Fishing kayak.  It’s a Solo Fishing Kayak.  It’s an all-day comfort touring kayak.  This is truly one boat that does it all!  Here’s the basics:
Super Stable:  The Big Tuna is a perfect fishing boat for a solo paddler and tandem paddlers  as well as being able to carry a bunch of kids!


 FaceTime Seating:
The front chair of the Big Tuna can be turned to face the rear paddler.  This is great for date night, bringing kids fishing and more!

Tuna Tank:  One of the features that the Big Tuna is getting a lot of attention for is the “tuna tank” which is a hatch that is in the center of the boat, is virtually flush with the deck and is inserted into a large opening in the boat that allows access to the water below.  The tank can be used as a storage compartment – or you can drill holes into the tank to create a battery free livewell!  Click for more info on the Tuna Tank.


Super Comfortable, Removable Seats:  The seats in the Big Tuna are some of the most comfortable on the market.  And when you get to the beach – just pop them out and use them for chairs around camp!

Lots of Features:  The Big Tuna is loaded with lots of cool features.  Here’s just a few:

Come by soon to see the Big Tuna in person, and we’ll show you all the great features that Jackson has come up with for this kayak.  Remember that you can set up a free demo by calling us at 337 232 5854.

  • Airportretired

    this kayak very cool ,but i need to look at the video demontrade in the ocean with wave condition before i buy it .