Free Weekly Meet Up Events

These ongoing meet-up events are where the Lafayette Outdoor Community gets together to play!  These events are free.  Participants must provide their own equipment.  There is not instruction, but a Pack & Paddle staff member will be a part of these events to help beginners get on track.


One Beer Fly Casting

fly-cast2When: Mondays @ 6pm  Starts June 20th
Where: Pack & Paddle
Price: FREE

An informal group of folks interested in practicing their fly casting will meet weekly on Mondays at 6pm. This is not formal instruction – just a time to get together, cast at some targets and have a fun, relaxing time. Our friend Stephen Outten says that the correct amount of time to practice your cast is about the amount of time it takes to leisurely drink one beer. Therefore the name “One Beer Fly Casting”. BYOG (bring your own gear) – we’ll bring the beer.


Acadiana Fitness Paddlersmaxresdefault

When: Wednesdays @ 6pm
Where: Vermilionville Pond, 300 Fisher
Price: FREE

Are you ready to get your fitness on? Do you have your own kayak, SUP or canoe? This fitness paddle will be a 1.5-2 hour out-and-back paddle on the Vermilion river.  Acadiana Fitness Paddlers is designed as an aerobic paddle with two levels… beginner, for those just starting and advanced, which will travel at a much faster pace.  We will have a Pack & Paddle member in attendance for those who may need a little guidance.  Come out and paddle with us and have a jolly good time getting in shape!