Southern Atchafalaya Eagle Route

Eagle RouteClick here for a PDF map of the Atchafalaya Eagle Route!


This challenging 11 mile loop combines a fantastically beautiful route along natural bayous, through large rivers and lakes.  You’ll see many of the trees and critters that the Basin is know for: Cypress and Tupelo, Great Blue Herons, migratory songbirds, alligators, snakes and much more.  Combine all of this with sightings of majestic Southern Bald Eagles soaring high overhead or perched on stumps and you have a route that is memorable, beautiful, challenging and exciting.  For the best chance to view the Southern Bald Eagles, paddle this route between late September through late March.

Conditions to consider:

This route has several challenges:
1)  The 11 mile length can be challenging for some.  Plan on at least 6-7 hours of paddling time (not including breaks).
2)  TheAtchafalayariver segment can have some currents and some boat traffic.  Please use caution here.
3)  The part of the loop that passes throughFlatLakecan be rough on a south, southwest or west wind.  Use caution in this section.
4)  There are several turns to make on this route.  Be sure to carefully use your map and/or GPS to stay on track.


In Morgan City, take Hwy 70 north from I-49.
Look for Doiron’s Dock sign on the left and the Chevron station on the right a few miles out of town.
Go into the Chevron Station to pay your launch fee.
The launch is across the street and over the levee.

 Southern Atchafalaya Eagle Route Pack & Paddle

Southern Atchafalaya Eagle Route Pack & Paddle