Fausse Pointe State Park

Fausse Point

Click here for a PDF map for all Lake Fausse Pointe paddle trails!



Fausse PointClick here for a PDF map of the 7.7 mile loop paddle trail at Lake Fausse Pointe!


There are a number of options with using the canoe trails within Fausse Pointe State Park.  The paddling is along borrow pits, pipeline canals and bayous.  The trails are marked by colors: Red, Orange, Blue etc…  Pick up a map when you pay at the gate to go into the park to see the color markings for each trail.  There are paddle-in campsites that you can rent from the park as well – perfect for your first overnight paddle trip!

Conditions to consider:
The routes are well marked and easy to paddle.  Currents are a small issue – but not much.

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Fausse Pointe