Hebert’s Landing

Hebert's Landing Click here for a PDF map of Hebert’s Landing!






Overview: Hebert’s Landing is the jumping off point for some of the best open water trout fishing in the state.  Home to many trophy (5-9lb) trout, this area boast massive amounts of fish holding reef, lots of bait and good protection from winds that have an easterly component to them.

There are two major areas to fish out of Hebert’s landing:

Commissary Point:  Commissary Point is a large reef area just south of Hebert’s landing.  In this area, look for the PVC Pipes that mark the reef.  Have your depth finder in action and keep an eye out for bait and birds.  Drift the reef, fishing the bottom or with a popping cork.

Pelican Point:  Pelican Point is just north of Hebert’s.  To get there, paddle north past all the camps on your right.  When you get past the last wharf, you’ll notice that the shoreline dips in making a small bay.  Much of this area is reef.  You can drift over the reef fishing the bottom with plastics or with a popping cork.  Or try fishing the shoreline.  You can also try fishing up in the marsh in one of the 3 cuts that intersect the shoreline.

Tackle To Bring/Bait: Popping corks, Gulp, market bait, topwaters, favorite plastics on jigheads

What to Watch For: Calcasieu Tides (can be hard to predict, and this is 10 miles north of the jetties, so at least an hour delay in high and low tides from Lighthouse wharf), the wind (under 15 kts), weather and temperature.

Tides and Winds:  This area works best on either a falling or rising tide – but pick a day that has good tidal movement.  The best winds for this area should have an easterly component (NE, E, SE) or be a very light wind (under 5-8).

How to Get There: From I-10, take I-210 in Lake Charles.  Exit Nelson Rd.  Take a Left on Nelson at the bottom of the exit ramp.  Take a right on 384/Country Club Rd.  Take a Left on 384/Big Lake Rd. Follow Big Lake Rd. South until you get to Big Pasture Rd.  Take a Right on Big Pasture Rd.  Take a right on Hebert Camp Rd.  Follow this road into the area with lots of camps.  Take a left on the first street (Big Lake St.).  Follow this around to the Boat Launch.

Expenses/Fees:  There is a $5 launch with honor box next to the gravel launch.