Casting Techniques for Kayak Fishing

We’re happy to present these casting technique videos, created by Pack & Paddle staff, that have great tips to help you catch more fish!

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Speckled Trout On Corkies

Jeff Robinson demonstrates some tips and techniques for catching wintertime trophy trout on the Corky in a kayak.

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Vary your Retrieve

You’ll catch more fish if you vary your retrieves.  This video shows a few techniques that will get the fish biting.

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Quiet Short Casting

When you know that there is a fish in an area, it pays to be super quiet and keep presenting your lure with short casts to the key areas.

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Popping Cork Tip #1

Using a popping cork can be just the trick to get fish to bite some days.  Watch this video for a couple of quick tips on how to use a popping cork effectively.

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