Kayak Fishing Videos

Here are some kayak fishing videos, created by Pack & Paddle staff, that have great tips to help you catch more fish!

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intropic_sightfishSight Fishing Videos

There’s nothing as exciting as sight casting to big fish in shallow water.  This is half hunting, half fishing – and a 100% thrill ride.  These videos will give you some ideas on how to do it better!



intropic_wheretogoWhere to Go – Fishing Site Analysis

We’ve created a series of videos that will take you step by step through the most popular kayak fishing areas in our part of the state.



intropic_topwatersFishing Topwaters

Click through for videos on everybody’s favorite way to catch fish:  Throwing topwaters.  Learn tips and tricks for getting more hookups the next time you’re on the water.



intropic_anchoringAnchoring and Kayak Control

This section will give you ideas on how to use your anchors and other means to control the position of your boat for better success on the water.


intropic_blindBlind Casting Strategies

This section will give you ideas on how to view structure and look for clues on where the most effective places to throw will be.  We’ll also cover ideas that can make your retrieve more effective.



intropic_funvideosFun Kayak Fishing Videos

This section is for non-instructional fun videos from our staff and friends.  Have fun watching these!



intropic_off_the_waterOff the Water

Check out these videos on cleaning fish and other off-the-water kayak fishing topics.